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Are you interested in investing in Spanish property? Make sure to take our advice. The tripinvest blog will provide you with professional articles on property purchase in Spain. We will advise you on what to pay attention to when choosing a specific offer and how to finance the purchase of a house or an apartment. We will also discuss the pricing of houses in Spain and the formalities to be complied with in order to complete the transaction.

The languages of Spain

How many languages do people speak in Spain? The modern literary standard of Spanish is derived from the original Romance dialect, which evolved over the years into the medieval Castilian language, and then the modern Castellano was created. Find out what other languages you can hear while walking the charming streets of Spain.

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Properties for renovation in Spain

When looking for an attractive property for rent, holiday or retirement, it is natural to turn to the cheapest offers, often intended for renovation. However, the joy of finding a comfortable, affordable accommodation should not lull our vigilance, as there are several pitfalls that might occur. Why are houses in need of revitalisation so popular and what to look out for before finalising the transaction and picking up the keys?

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Illegal occupants - how to protect a property against the okupas?

Quarantine in Spain was very restrictive. For almost 3 months it was impossible to move between the cities. Some people who had second homes in other regions could not travel to them. It was the same for people from abroad who invested in property in Spain. After the restrictions were lifted, some owners whose properties were located in dangerous locations or lacked protection were exposed to the actions of okupas. Learn about the history of this phenomenon and how to effectively protect your property.

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Buying property on Costa Blanca for the family - where to invest?

Costa Blanca is undoubtedly one of the best Spanish locations for both relaxation and living. Its beautiful, picturesque region has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as one of the healthiest places in the world. 

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5 reasons to invest in property in Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa Blanca. More than 11 million tourists a year fly to the coast to warm up on the sunny beaches. Hotels are under siege. With so many visitors to the city, many people find an alternative to renting private apartments or penthouses for holidays. Here are 5 reasons to consider Benidorm when planning an investment.

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The most affordable cities for an investment on the Costa Blanca

Affordable properties in Spain? It’s possible when you choose a good location for an investment. Costa Blanca is especially recommended to investors with a smaller budget. We have prepared a short guide on the cheapest cities and regions in this part of Spain. Check which cities are the most profitable.

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A house in Spain by the sea - where should you invest?

Looking for a place to invest in Spain? Purchasing property in one of the seaside resorts is the best decision you can make. In our latest article we recommend attractive locations for your investment on the Costa Blanca. Find out where to buy property to enjoy the typical Spanish atmosphere and high return on investment.

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Comparing the costs of living in Spain

Are you planning to move to Spain or buy a holiday home in one of the seaside resorts? Wondering where to buy property? We have compared the costs of living in several popular Spanish cities - find out where investing really pays off.

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Preliminary contract for sale of property in Spain

Spain is a country that attracts many tourists. It is mainly due to its rich culture, architecture, cuisine and the favourable climate. This part of Europe is also well-known for its attractive property prices. However, it is worthwhile to get to know the most important issues related to the purchase of property before starting to search for your dream house or flat.

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A save investment during the pandemic - why should you invest in Spanish property?

Were you planning to invest in Spanish property, but resigned due to the pandemic? We explain why purchasing property is one of the safest investments nowadays and advise you where to start during this special time.

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How to sell property in Spain?

Selling property is far from easy, especially in a foreign country, where the language barrier and ignorance of law make it even more troublesome. The tripinvest real estate agency will properly guide you through all the stages of this process.

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The Spanish mentality

Some stereotypes have already been formed about nationalities e.g. Germans are orderly and stable, Italians are loud and loving, French are great romantics who love their language, and the British? Well... British people love tea and have good manners. And what are the Spaniards like? They are sociable and open, they love music, siesta and hot sunshine, but most of all they love life!

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7 tips before you buy property in Spain

We suggest what to look out for before choosing a dream house or apartment in Spain. Answer some key questions to make sure you make the right choice.

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An apartment or a flat in Spain?

Only seemingly, an apartment and a flat are two terms for the same type of property. However, the differences exist and are related to the prestige of the property itself and its function. Apartments are very often leased and are associated with the holiday season. On the other hand, flats are rather targeted at clients looking for a permanent stay in Spain.


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Property purchase - 3 tips to start with

The purchase of property is an investment which is equal with a considerable expense. In order not to regret the decision of buying a house or a flat, it is worth considering a few issues before signing a purchase/sale contract. Listed below is a handful of information that will help people who are at the beginning of their journey to their dream property.

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5 reasons to invest on the Costa Blanca

Do you think about investing in sunny Spain? Excellent idea! Check out the biggest advantages of buying property on the Costa Blanca.

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How to contact the tripinvest agency during the COVID-19 epidemic?

The rapid development of the coronavirus epidemic has made it necessary to adapt and comply with  regulations introduced by state authorities. When spending time at home, it is worth considering ways and ideas of investing your money. Check how to contact us and obtain information concerning the property you are interested in.

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Mortgage in Spain – the most important matters

Have you decided to buy property in Spain and are looking for a source of financing the investment? Read on to find out on what conditions you may obtain a mortgage in Spain. We have complied all the crucial information on taking out mortgages by foreigners in Spain.

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The total cost of buying property in Spain

Mortgage costs, valuation costs, mortgage opening commission, stamp duty and notarial fees, as well as mortgage and capital gain taxes - find out what costs are connected with buying property in Spain. We indicate which costs are mandatory and which may be passed on to the lending bank.

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Número de Identificación de Extranjero

If you consider buying property in Spain, you will need to apply for Spanish Número de Identificación de Extranjero (NIE). Read further to find out what the Spanish number is and when and for what purpose it should be applied for.

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Bank-owned properties in Spain

Have you ever heard of property in Spain that can be bought for pennies? This was certainly the case for Spanish houses or flats auctioned off at the bank. Find out how property is auctioned in Spain and whether it is profitable.

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Tourist license in Spain

Holiday rentals in Spain become more and more popular. Due to investors' great interest, larger cities had to implement certain restrictions. Are you planning to purchase a property in Spain for tourist rental? We clarify the conditions you must meet to legally rent it and we suggest how to obtain the required license.

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How to buy a house in Spain?

A huge number of foreign investors more and more often decide to buy real estate in Spain. Would you like to buy a house in this picturesque country, but you don't know how to start? Read our compendium of knowledge and buy your dream home in Spain!

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The most popular types of property in Spain

Apartments in modern housing estates, typically Mediterranean villas with beautiful sea views, affordable terraced houses or small flats in the suburbs? Have you decided to invest in Spain? Check what types of real estate are the most popular among investors.

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