An apartment or a flat in Spain - the most important differences

Only seemingly, an apartment and a flat are two terms for the same type of property. However, the differences exist and are related to the prestige of the property itself and its function. Apartments are very often leased and are associated with the holiday season. On the other hand, flats are rather targeted at clients looking for a permanent stay in Spain.


Property purchase in Spain
Purchasing property in Spain is a great form of investment.


An apartment or a flat?

Choosing the right type of property is not easy. Therefore it is advised to have a trusted real estate agent who will dispel any doubts and concerns.


Different area sizes, number of rooms, new or old buildings, location - these are the most important points that should be of interest to us when choosing a flat. Depending on the number of bedrooms and common areas the flat can be divided into 1 BHK, 2 BHK and so on. The term BHK means bedroom-hall-kitchen.


In Spain alone, 2/3 of citizens live in flats. This is mainly due to the large migration from the provinces to the cities, where it is easier to get a job, have a high standard of living and necessary services at hand. Flats are much more suitable for those who decide to live permanently in Spain - they are much cheaper than apartments, although they are located in less convenient and prestigious districts. 


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Apartments are one of the most desirable types of property among buyers looking for accommodation in Spain. Of course, properties by the sea are the most popular, often built in the form of holiday settlements. They offer common amenities for all residents, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, or golf courses. It is also worth mentioning that there is a possibility of renting such a property outside the holiday season. It is also much cheaper and easier to manage and arrange space.


What makes an apartment different from a flat? Certainly, one of its most important features is the area, the minimum size is 100 square metres, and the height should not be less than 3 metres. The location is equally valued - prestigious, with an appropriate service and road infrastructure. In addition, the architecture of such a property itself must be at the highest level - high quality materials, a lift, security or air conditioning. Apartment owners should also offer additional services – a swimming pool, fitness, terraces. The view from the window may additionally increase its price.

Therefore, apartments in Spain are very popular among investors, who are looking for a place typically for renting a holiday-tourist accommodation. It is no wonder – the prices are very attractive.


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