Before you buy a property in Spain...

We suggest what to look out for before choosing a dream house or apartment in Spain. Answer some key questions to make sure you make the right choice.


1. How will you find the perfect house in Spain?

You have several options to choose from, and the most popular ones are:

  • Self search on the internet - surely browsing the internet is a good start. By browsing through the offers you will be able to find out the average purchase price of a property in the region you are interested in, and you will also assess whether there is a large choice of properties in the region. However, it is worth remembering to ask about many important issues related to such things as formalities, location and even the equipment of the apartment. In the next step it is worth consulting your choice with the local representative of the real estate agency, who will be able to answer all questions about the property itself.
  • Using the services of a real estate agency in Spain - by choosing an agency that knows the local property market perfectly, you can count on many benefits, including the possibility of comparing a large number of offers, the choice of the property that suits your expectations best, and above all, assistance in completing all the formalities associated with the purchase.
  • Take advantage of your friends' recommendations - this is one of the most reliable forms of property purchase. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of such assistance, so finding a trustworthy real estate agency will be a good alternative. 


People looking for property in Spain
With help of our real estate agency you will find the perfect property in Spain


2. How to find the house that meets your needs best?

For this purpose, it is certainly worthwhile to use the help of an experienced agency that specialises in the local - Spanish property market. A good agency is always interested in establishing and maintaining long-term relationships. The task of such an agent will be to present offers that will suit your needs as much as possible.


3. Do you want to carry out the whole purchase process yourself?

In answer to this question, it is worth considering if you have enough time and knowledge about the local property market to go through the whole purchase process on your own.


Very often it turns out that small savings resulting from self-purchase do not compensate for the time and energy devoted to going through the whole process. Therefore, it is worth re-calculating. Most often the help of a professional agency turns out to be a very good decision.


4. Will you need to contact a lawyer?

As a rule, the purchase of property does not have to be carried out with lawyers. However, it is worth remembering that legal regulations change very quickly, and the wording of individual legal regulations may not be obvious to us.


Additionally, when deciding to purchase property in a foreign country, we need to know about the laws that apply in that particular country. And this does not only apply to the issue of drawing up and signing a contract, but also to tax, civil and banking law. If you use the help of a professional real estate agency, you will be able to have legal consultations to make sure that your planned purchase of property is fully compliant with the applicable laws.


5. Should you buy property directly from the owner?

The purchase of property directly from the owner is usually associated with saving time and money. It seems to us that by buying without an intermediary is equal with buying faster and cheaper. However, does this rule apply absolutely in every case? Of course not. Professional real estate agencies negotiate very favourable conditions of sale. Therefore, the purchase price does not have to be higher than when buying from the owner.


If the real estate agency does not charge the buyer a commission, then you don't have to be afraid that by buying with the agency you will pay more. Buying a property yourself also does not mean saving time. With the help of an agency, you have at your disposal employees who, thanks to their knowledge and experience, can react very quickly to changing conditions and carry out the whole sale process fast enough. Thanks to this, you will be able to avoid unexpected surprises that will make the purchase process difficult.


6. How to find the best financing option?

If you do not speak the language of the country in which you want to buy the property, you may have problems with obtaining attractive financing. By cooperating with a real estate agency, which also offers advice on obtaining financing and tax optimisation, you will be able to save a lot.


7. Which regions of Spain are worth considering when buying a property?

Of course, the choice depends primarily on individual preferences. So it is worth answering the following questions about the property:

  • what is the purpose of the property - for rent or for own use?
  • your preferred location and surroundings - in the city centre, on the outskirts, by the sea, in the mountains or near tourist resorts,
  • desired attractions - distance from the catering base, tourist attractions,
  • the amount you want to spend - the closer to the most popular tourist resorts, the more expensive. However, due to the favourable situation on the Spanish property market for buyers, we can now buy properties in tourist resorts at very good prices. It is worth checking out property offers in the Costa Blanca region, in such places as Alicante, Benidorm or Calpe.  




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