The most popular types of property in Spain

Have you decided to invest in Spain? Check what types of real estate are the most popular among investors.


property in Spain


A wide range of properties in Spain

The Spanish real estate market is full of attractive, very diverse offers. A wide selection of offers makes it easy to choose an offer ideally suited to your investment goal. Depending on your needs in Spain you can easily find:

  • a house where you could live permanently,
  •  holiday accommodation,
  • property for tourist rent.

The price range of individual real estate offers is really large - thanks to this, both people with a slightly smaller budget and investors with greater financial possibilities can fulfill their dreams of an attractive property in the heart of sunny Spain. Regardless of whether you prefer new construction or are looking for a home from the secondary market, you'll find the right offer for you.


Apartments in modern housing estates, typically Mediterranean villas with beautiful sea views, affordable terraced houses - you will find all this and more on the Spanish real estate market. Discover the biggest advantages of the popular types of real estate there.



Spanish apartments are very popular among investors. People looking for a flat that could be used for tourist rentals often decide to buy this type of property. It is not surprising - the interest in renting apartments due to their affordable price is very high (especially in seaside resorts), therefore the prospect of attractive earnings and quick return on investment becomes very real.


In addition, the costs of such an investment are extremely favorable - sometimes the offer of apartments does not exceed even 100,000. euro. Of course, you need to be prepared for the fact that amenities such as a car park, a great view from the window, the pool, or an attractive location (e.g. in the city center or near the beach) increase the price of the property. It is also worth adding that some apartments are located in modern housing estates, where a swimming pool, a children's playground, a garden, and even a recreation area with a place to exercise are put to use. Attractive prices can also be found on the secondary market - it's worth looking at the apartments located in multi-family houses on the outskirts of the city.


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apartment with terrace in Calp
Calp - Apartment with terrace



Are you looking for a comfortable property with a large area and are you ready to pay a little higher costs? Investment in a villa will be a great solution. We guarantee that thanks to the purchase of such property your "Spanish dream" will come true!


The villa is an excellent choice for families who are looking for a place where they could live permanently or want to get the perfect place for holiday trips. These types of houses are usually equipped with several bedrooms and bathrooms, which is why they ensure very comfortable conditions even with more household members. Investors who want to experience Spanish luxury will also find the perfect villa offer. Among the available advertisements are modern, spacious properties with a private swimming pool and atmospheric patio, where you can relax during warm summer evenings. Sea views, exclusive equipment, garage and swimming pool can increase the price of the villa, but you can be sure that it is an investment worth the price.


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villa in Cumbre del Sol
Villa in Cumbre del Sol



Among typical Spanish properties, we can also find bungalows - these are properties with a characteristic flat roof and a charming terrace. Such premises are perfect both for houses for personal use and real estate for tourist rent.


Offers of Spanish bungalows are very diverse - in terms of price, area and nature of the property. This means that people with different financial possibilities and investment needs can find the bungalow offer for themselves. On the real estate market there are both cozy, one-storey bungalows from the secondary market maintained in a typical Spanish style, as well as the luxury located in exclusive resorts.


In our offer you can find a lot of bungalow property offers with additional amenities, such as the possibility of using the swimming pool, solarium and close access to the sea. For example, check out the bungalow with pool in Torrevieja, which is available at a very attractive price.


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bungalow in Calp
Bungalow in Calpe - view from the terrace


Terraced houses

A very good alternative to a detached house can also be an investment in a terraced house. Regardless of whether you are looking for a house where you could live permanently, or you are planning to invest for a profit, row houses will be a universal choice. The main reasons for buying a terraced house are:

  • attractive pricing conditions,
  • lower property maintenance costs,
  • comfortable use,
  • the possibility of using the property for tourist rent,
  • larger area,
  •  wide range of offers from both the secondary and primary market


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terraced house in Altea
Costa Blanca - terraced house in Altea


Semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses (also called duplexes in Spain) are an ideal solution, especially for families who are looking for real estate at a very affordable price - usually buying and maintaining such an apartment is cheaper, compared to the costs associated with a detached single-family house. At the same time, twins often have access to numerous amenities - a personal garden, pool, terrace and garage.


If at this time you plan to invest in real estate only for profit, you should consider buying a twin. At the beginning you can spend it on tourist rentals, and in the future with your loved ones move to it permanently and spend your retirement in Spain - isn't this a great prospect?


See semi-detached house in Spain


semi-detached house in Santa Pola
A two-story semi-detached house in Santa Pola


Houses with a swimming pool

Do you dream about being able to relax in the private pool with a beautiful view at any time? If you decide to invest in Spain, then your dream can come true! On the local real estate market you will easily find attractive offers of houses with a swimming pool - apartments, luxury villas or single-family houses. This type of property will not only be an ideal holiday home, but also works as a place to rent - a private pool will increase the attractiveness of your offer and increase the value of the property.


See houses with pools in Spain


apartment with pool in Costa Blanca
Apartment with swimming pool on the seafront overlooking the sea


Are you looking for help choosing the best property for you? Contact us - tell us what you need and we will advise you on what property you should invest in to gain the most.




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