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Search for properties in Spain

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Spanish culture and tradition

Spain, has a very rich culture due to its complex history. Although the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula are under one flag, there are many differences between them. Many regions, such as the Basque Country, Catalonia and Galicia demand autonomy. However, it is these differences that...

Why should you spend holiday in Spain?

According to the World Economic Forum (FEM), Spain has become the most visited country by tourists for the third time. In the report, which dealt with the competitiveness of travel and tourism, Spain has taken the top spot and confirmed its unwavering position in this field.

How to spend time in spring on the Costa Blanca?

Spring is the moment when not only nature awakens but also cultural life in Spain does. Easter is the most important holiday. It is celebrated with great revelry in this part of Europe. It is the heart of tradition and local good, which the Iberian Peninsula residents boast about.

Moraira - rest in the company of cliffy beaches

Moraira is one of the many charming coastal towns in the Costa Blanca region. The amazing coastal climate with beautiful views is what makes it stand out from the rest.  

5 reasons to invest in property in Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa Blanca. More than 11 million tourists a year fly to the coast to warm up on the sunny beaches. Hotels are under siege. With so many visitors to the city, many people find an alternative to renting private apartments or...

Transport on the Costa Blanca

The use of public transport abroad is always challenging and risky. This is influenced by several factors: the timetable, the means of transport, the place of destination which may be difficult to reach and of course the language barrier. 
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