A house by the sea in Spain - where should you invest?

Looking for a place to invest in Spain? Purchasing property in one of the seaside resorts is the best decision you can make. In our latest article we recommend attractive locations for your investment on the Costa Blanca. Find out where to buy property to enjoy the typical Spanish atmosphere and high return on investment.


Why is it worth investing in a seaside property in Spain?

Picturesque sea views, great weather, charming restaurants and cafes on the seaside promenade - this could be your reality if you decide to invest in a house by the sea in Spain. Of course, the beautiful views and the wonderful atmosphere of the coastal towns and cities are not the only benefits of buying such property. 


A house by the sea in Spain
A house by the sea is also an excellent capital investment


Buying a house in such a location may be a very good idea if you are looking for an attractive retirement home or a holiday home where you will spend holidays with your family. However, most importantly, a house by the sea is the best investment if you plan to use it for tourist rent. Properties in such a location usually have the highest occupancy rate during the summer season, which provides an extra income. Moreover, there is a chance that the value of the house will increase in a few years' time - this is a very valuable information if you are thinking about reselling the property later.


Houses in Spain by the sea - the best places for an investment

Are you browsing through the offers of houses in Spain and wondering where to invest? We have prepared several offers for you. In our listings you will find cities of the Costa Blanca region. Why? This location is becoming more and more popular among investors due to the tourist attractiveness, great prices and a wide selection of property offers that will meet the expectations of all investors. You will find both - cheap houses and wonderful luxury properties. Find out which seaside resorts are the best choice for investment in this part of Spain.


Seaside properties in Alicante

Alicante - a seaside town, which is also one of the most popular resorts on the Costa Blanca, is a perfect place for an investment. Rich tourist and gastronomic facilities, convenient location, beautiful weather and stunning beaches - all this encourages tourists to spend their holidays in Alicante and convinces investors to buy property in this location.


Alicante consists of a wide range of property offers - for example, interesting apartments starting at EUR 100,000. It is worth noting properties located near one of the picturesque urban beaches. Due to this location, they are usually more luxurious and therefore more expensive. The beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, the proximity of service points and restaurants increase the price of the premises. However, it is certainly worth considering such an investment because of the potential future rental profits - tourists may be willing to pay more for spending their holidays in such a comfortable, picturesque location. Alicante guarantees a wide range of very exclusive properties, so every investor will find something for themself- properties up to EUR 200,000, EUR 500,000, as well as those over EUR 1,000.000.


Check property offers in Alicante


Properties by the sea in Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the most visited resorts in the Costa Blanca region due to its entertainment aspect. It is known for its modern skyscrapers proudly rising above the city, which, combined with the panorama of the Mediterranean Sea, create an extraordinary scenery. Many people associate the city with Las Vegas or New York. Therefore, holidaymakers seeking entertainment come to Benidorm every year to have fun until dawn and relax on the beautiful beaches. It is worth adding that Benidorm guarantees sensational attractions all year round! Tourists often visit the city for both the sandy beaches, the crystal sea and local entertainment - restaurants, pubs and theme parks.


A house by the sea in Benidorm
The beautiful Benidorm beach


It is worth noting that a large number of holidaymakers is a very promising situation for investors planning to purchase a property for tourist rent. Due to the great interest in renting houses/apartments during the summer season, the property may become a source of high earnings. Property offers by the sea in Benidorm are very diverse. Therefore, you may find both cheaper (up to EUR 100,000) apartments located in attractive districts, spacious houses in exclusive complexes with breathtaking sea views at a price of up to EUR 300,000, prestigious properties up to EUR 500,000 and residences above EUR 1,000.000. We can also choose from properties with various amenities - including private swimming pools, terraces or jacuzzis. In short, Benidorm provides attractive conditions to purchase property to investors with a slightly smaller budget, as well as to people who are focused on a prestigious investment.


Check out property offers in Benidorm


Seaside properties in Torrevieja

The charming Torrevieja is also a good location for an investment by the sea. It is very popular with tourists every year. It includes many beautiful beaches and the famous National Park with salty lakes, which are visited by pink flamingos at certain time of the year.


The rich offer of properties in Torrevieja makes it possible to find a house or an apartment perfectly suited to the expectations and needs of the investor. It is worth adding that even a limited budget should not be an obstacle to finding your dream property in Torrevieja. You may find interesting offers from the secondary market not exceeding EUR 50,000. In addition, many cheaper properties are located in great areas in close proximity to the beach. On the other hand, if you have a larger budget, be sure to check out the offers of properties located just by the sea. Apartments and houses on the first coastline allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of a seaside town and usually provide better prospects for rent or later sale. Are you interested in luxury properties? We guarantee that you will find the perfect offer in Torrevieja - you can choose from modern apartments in closed residences up to EUR 300,000, stunning villas up to EUR 500,000 and exclusive properties over EUR 1,000.000!


Check out property offers in Torrevieja


Calpe's seaside properties

Charming, quiet and full of entertainment - this is Calpe, located in the north of the Costa Blanca. The city definitely has "that something" in it, since many foreigners have decided to live there permanently and according to current statistics, they make up almost half of its population. The city doesn't have a typical resort atmosphere, but it's also not very small and everything that is most important is at hand. It is an ideal place for bike trips, hiking, family fun on the beach and typical city entertainment - restaurants, pubs, cafes. This means that Calpe's seaside property offers cannot escape the attention of future investors.


Calpe provides beautiful views, great atmosphere and interesting property offers
Calpe provides beautiful views, great atmosphere and interesting property offers


What kind of properties are currently available in Calpe? Mainly apartments and flats of a slightly smaller size at a price of EUR 80-120,000. However, even in this price range there are attractively located apartments in the city centre and properties with a sea view near the beach. And if you are looking for a house by the sea of a higher standard with exclusive amenities, you will certainly not be disappointed by the offer of luxury properties in Calpe. How about a property for EUR 1,000.00 in a prestigious location? Wonderful villas with swimming pools and modern, two-storey apartments on the first coastline overlooking the symbol of the city - Peñón de Ifach - will certainly meet the expectations of even the most demanding investors. It is also worth adding that in Calpe we will also find interesting offers of detached houses for renovation for ca. EUR 200,000. Such properties are usually a bit distant from the coastline, but nevertheless, investors appreciate their potential.


Check property offers in Calpe


Properties by the sea in Moraira

Of course, not only large, seaside resorts deserve the attention of investors looking for a house or an apartment for rent. Owning a property in a quieter town also generates profit. It should be remembered that there are many people who enjoy resting in an intimate atmosphere and among beautiful natural surroundings.


If you are interested in investing in an intimate, seaside resort, we encourage you to browse through the property offers by the sea in Moraira. There are many advantages of such an investment. Moraira has a reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in this part of Spain with amazing beaches. Of course, during the summer season, the city has a lot of typical holiday entertainment to offer. It provides tourists with many musical attractions - live music in pubs or charming concerts by the sea. Tourists can also benefit from local boutiques with clothes, souvenirs or cosmetics. However, what is most important from the investors' point of view, attractive properties in this region are available in various price ranges. From apartments of ordinary standard and smaller size to luxury villas in prestigious urbanisations.


Check property offers in Moraira


Properties by the sea in Santa Pola

Another place to consider when choosing a place to invest in Spain is Santa Pola. It is an attractively located and very well connected city with beautiful beaches and bays surrounding the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean sea. The Salinas de Santa Pola Nature Reserve is one of the biggest attractions of this region due to the presence of salt lakes and pink flamingos (they can only be found there at certain times of the year).


Santa Pola provides a variety of property offers. It includes unique apartments of up to EUR 70,000. However, it is also a good place for a luxury investment. Santa Pola and its surroundings (e.g. Arenales del Sol) is a perfect choice for investors looking for exclusive villas, apartments or bungalows. If you are planning to invest in a luxury property, be sure to check out the offers of apartments near the port and the picturesque local beaches. Breathtaking sea views and modern facilities guaranteed!


Check property offers in Santa Pola


Need help finding the best home in Spain by the sea? Call us or e-mail us and specify your preferences – the standard, location and the budget you wish to allocate - our specialists will take care of the rest.



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