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Every one of us has dreams. Some dream of a large family, while others of tremendous careers in corporations. We have always dreamed of living in a country that is warm, and sunny. In a country with access to the best beaches, an outstanding Mediterranean cuisine and where the number of sunny days goes up to 300 a year. Now these are the dreams we also help to fulfill. We are fully committed to help our clients quickly and safely purchase the most attractive properties in Spain, especially in the Costa Blanca coast.





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Business area

With the help of two efficiently functioning offices, our company covers the Northern and Southern part of the Costa Blanca coast. One of the offices is based in the vicinity of Torrevieja, in Orihuela Costa. It provides services to towns such as: Mis Palmeras, Orihuela Costa, Torrevieja, Guadamar del Segura, Santa Pola, Arenales del Sol, Alicante.


As our second registered office we chose the pearl of Southern Costa Blanca – Calpe. Thanks to it we may mediate in the purchase and management of properties in towns such as Benidorm, Altea, Moraira and Javea.




Our team makes every effort for the entire process of property purchase to be made as efficiently as possible. We make sure that every client is satisfied with the investment and does not have to worry about formalities connected with it. Thanks to our advisors' experience and knowledge of the local property market, we will reliably carry you through every stage of the property purchase process and lead to a successful completion of the transaction.


How do we do business?


We adjust property offers to the needs of our clients. You can be sure that while looking for a house or apartment, we take your expectations and financial possibilities into consideration. We want your vision of a dream home in Spain to succeed.


We make a fair assessment as to which properties have an investment potential. Our specialists are able to estimate which one of them will grow in value, and which ones may be profitable when rented. In this respect, we prepare offers available on the property market, which are the best possible investment.


Our property offer is incredibly diverse. Thanks to the knowledge of the local market, we are able to help with the purchase of almost every available property. We guarantee full formal and legal security of the transaction. Our advisors also help in negotiating the price and choosing the best form and offer of mortgage loan. We advise our clients on the choice of the bank - we indicate which provides the best financing offer for the purchase of property.



We care about every detailWe care about every detail

Your businessYour business is our priority

During our cooperation with the client, qualities such as respect, attention to detail, full commitment and concern for your interests are not only our priority, but also the basis of our company's functioning. We invite you to contact our advisors. We are on hand to advise you, and in case of any questions, we will be glad to answer.



Real Property Management


We deal with comprehensive property activity in Spain. We specialize in renting and servicing our clients' apartments, which were bought as an investment. Our task is to make sure that your property is being rented as frequently as possible, and that the rental income is fully satisfactory. We serve house and apartment rentals through available portals on the market.


Our mission while selling the Spanish apartments is for every client to enjoy the highest possible return on investment, achieved thanks to effective property management.


Our team


Derek - Sales Director - Pamela - Sales and Customer Service Coordinator -


Agnes - Property Market Advisor - Matthew - Tripinvest Rent - Isabel - office worker

Our location



Calle Belgica 1, 03710 Calp

Alicante, Spain


44 203 807 9447






Investment trip


The services we provide include:

  • consultations with specialists prior to the trip to Spain,
  • help in finding an attractive house or apartment offer for rent,
  • organization of the trip to Spain,
  • demonstration tours of selected properties,
  • profesional advice on formal issues and technical assistance on every stage of property purchasing,
  • legal support of purchase and sale transactions,
  • property management.


We provide complex preparation and consultations with specialists prior to the departure to Spain. During the meeting we will select and hand you all necessary information concerning the purchase of house or apartment. We will indicate what type of property is worth investing, based on the current situation of the Spanish property market. Moreover, by using the experience acquired by renting several dozen of apartments, we will offer you the best location for making your investment.


Considering your expectations and possibilities, we will choose the perfect property for you, which our specialists will present in Spain at a later stage of cooperation. We provide pickup from the airport or help in renting a car.


We cooperate with the best Spanish lawyers, translators and law firms. Hence, we may ensure our clients with profesional legal service of purchase and sale transactions. We also guarantee help with verifying the facility documents, searching for possible property debts, as well as price negotiations, and signing a notarial deed.


After the property purchase we provide help in terms of property management so that it brings the highest rate of return. See for yourself – we are the best partner in the Costa Blanca area.

Do you have any questions?

Call us:

0044 203 807 9447

...or write us an e-mail:
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