Purchasing properties in Spain step by step

The procedure of purchasing a property in Spain may seem complicated, but thanks to the assistance of experienced specialists, the transaction may be carried out swiftly.

A 5 step property purchase


Selecting the offer

Wybór oferty After determining the purchasing criteria and acknowledging the expectations, our Spanish Property Marketing Executive prepares offers tailored to the clients' needs. Then, out of all property offers sent by us, the client selects the ones that are most satisfactory. The following step is inviting our client to an initial reconnaissance and presenting the selected houses or apartments.



We help people find the most suitable air links, we guarantee transport from the airport and accommodation in apartments which we are in charge of or the ones selected by the client. Apartment presentations are held in a pleasant atmosphere. We do not only show the client around the area, but also point the most interesting attractions and facilities e.g. schools, hospitals and shops.

Property reservation in Spain

Rezerwacja nieruchomości When taking the final decision and selecting a particular property, the client should also remember about making a reservation. It serves as a type of the clients' security and helps to avoid selling a house or an apartment (selected by the client) to other prospective purchasers.


The reservation is based on a preliminary sales agreement, during which a deposit of 2,500 to 6, 000 EUR is paid. The deposit will be included in the purchase price of the property in question. Moreover, the date of signing the notarial deed is determined in the the reservation agreement, during which the property law is transferred.

Signing the notarial deed

Podpisanie aktu notarialnego The notarial deed is signed in Spanish. On specific client request, a translator or/and an English-speaking lawyer may be present at the scene. For protection of the interests of our clients, we cooperate with the best notarial offices and law firms, which guarantee safety of the transaction carried out.

Preparation of documents

To sign the notarial deed, possesion of the following documents is necessary:  

  • Spanish tax identification number NIE (Número de Identificación del Extranjero ) – this particular number is assigned in a Spanish police department, during a meeting previously booked through an internet platform. Our specialist may help in booking the visit or the very meeting. The specialist selectes the most convenient meeting date for the client and is present during it. The specialist's help guarantees great communication with the representatives of local authorities.
  • Potwierdzenie otwarcia kontaConfirmation of bank account opening – there are many banks in Spain – each of them charges different account management fees, transfer fees and other transactions fees. Our specialist will advise and suggest, which offer is the most lucrative for the investor to be.
  • Passport or ID
Financing the purchase of property – mortgages in Spain

Finansowanie zakupu Many investors in Great Britain decide to finance the purchase of a property in Spain by using a mortgage. Spanish banks offer them both, to people working in Great Britain and abroad. Taking into consideration the attractive interest rate and the possibility of rescheduling the repayment of the loan to a dozen years or several decades, it turns out that the average annual cost of installments may be repaid from a part of the revenues generated by renting the property. Therefore, it makes investments in Spain even more attractive.


When going into detail of financing the property, it is crucial to mention the requirement of  having equity of 30% of the property value. For instance, when purchasing a 100,000.00 EUR apartment, it is required to have 30,000.00 EUR of equity.


What else do you need to know about purchasing a property?

Additional costs

When purchasing property in Spain, one needs to consider the necessity of paying the Value Added Tax (primary market), which is 10% or in case of the secondary market, the ITP Tax (Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales). Across Spain, the amount of this tax depends on the region – it is usually between 6% and 10%. In the province of Alicante, the tax amounts to 10% and is to be paid within 30 days from the date of the property purchase. It is worth assuming that additional costs, including VAT and legal services, will range from 13 to 14% when purchasing a property.

The profitability of investments in Spain

In comparison with the purchasing practices in Great Britain, the aforementioned numbers may be suprising. In Spain, one can purchase a property in a tourist resort at a lower price than in an average British city. Moreover, the prices of the magnificent seaside villas with swimming pools and saunas are at the same level as in the crowded British city centres. In addition, the investment potential of property in Spain is very high and provides a high return on investment.


The profitability of investments shapes two variables. The first one is the increase of property values which since the crisis has ended remains at 3 to 7%. The next and most important is a regular income possible to achieve thanks to holiday rentals to tourists visiting the coast.

Proffesional property service – tourist rental

Our property management specialists will help you in successful rentals and in the carefree calculation of return on investment. They will ensure that the licence required by the Spanish law for a fully legal rental of properties is obtained. Moreover, they will make sure that your house or apartment is rented as often as possible and becomes profitable. The specialists will also take care of your guests, ensure that they make unforgettable memories during the stay and that they will recommend your apartment to friends.



Comprehensive service and effective property management comprise our speciality. Therefore, we have already been trusted by several hundreds of clients, handing their properties over to our company. The number increases every day and thanks to the satisfaction of our clients we are able to create our value.

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