Alicante - one of the best cities to live in - 2020 ranking


The Expat City ranking of the world's 10 best cities to live in was recently published. As many as 5 of them are located on the Iberian Peninsula. Check out which categories Alicante scored highly in.


Alicante - ranking


The Expat City ranking presents responses from more than 15.000 people, representing 173 nationalities and living in 181 countries. Among other things, the survey included questions about career opportunities, the environment, the cost of living, and the ease of making friends with residents.


The following data comes from Expat City Ranking 2020, published by InterNations.


Research methodology

In order to identify the best or worst cities to live in, the respondents rated over 25 aspects of urban life and gave them a score on a scale of 1-7. Questions ranged from emotional, subjective feelings to factual aspects of social life.


Alicante's biggest advantages

Alicante was rated best in the subcategory named: "possibility of permanent residence". 81% of its respondents claim to be satisfied with their financial situation, which is 20% higher than the global average. In addition, as much as 83% of people said they felt at home there. Moreover, 68% of respondents confirm that it is easy to make new friends in Alicante and 77% are content with their social life in the city (global average 59%).


Alicante's culture was described as "easy to accept and get used to". 60% of respondents agree with the statement that communication with local people is not a major problem, even without knowing the local language. It is also worth mentioning that 55% of people say they plan to spend the rest of their lives in Alicante.


Cost of living on Costa Blanca

79% of respondents think it is easy to find a flat in Alicante and are satisfied with the trends in the property market. 81% of residents are pleased with their financial situation and 29% are very content with it. Additionally 87% of people feel that their income is sufficient or exceeds their daily cost of living in Alicante.


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