What is Alicante famous for?

Alicante is the capital of the province and region of Costa Blanca - a historic port city with a turbulent but very interesting history. And although Alicante is not distinguished by its wealth of monuments it still has a lot to offer.


Tourist attractions in Spain - Alicante
The castle of Santa Barbara

Alicante - the capital of Costa Blanca

Alicante is a must-have point on the map for every visitor to the east of the Spanish coast. The city is the capital of the Costa Blanca region, famous for its long sandy beaches, a paradise for climbers and one of the most important ports on the Iberian Peninsula, with about 80,000 passengers a year. It is the weather that is the main attraction here, with mild winters and hot summers with almost no rain. This microclimate is suitable for both lazy beachcombers and active travellers.

Due to its rich history and the strong influence of other nations, which have been tearing out the reign of this side of the coast for centuries, walking along the streets of Alicante we can feel the Arabic, Roman and Jewish climate. The city itself was founded in 230 BC by the Carthaginians, its name comes from the characteristic sunburnt hill and literally means White Mountain.


The peak, called Benacantil, became an ideal observation and defensive point, on which the St. Barbara's Castle was built. When its military importance declined, it was turned into a prison and now serves as a tourist destination. From above, there is a beautiful panorama of the city and the harbour. In addition, from the centre you can get there via a shaft, which is about 200 metres long, or via a specially marked artery. 

In Alicante itself there is the Basilica of St. Mary, the oldest church in the town, which is a mixture of various architectural styles - built in the Gothic style in the 13th century on the ruins of an old mosque. In addition, painting has also found its place here e.g. the museum of contemporary art located in the oldest preserved building in the city is very interesting.


Here you will find works of Spanish masters such as:

  • Salvador Dali,
  • Joan Miro, 
  • Pablo Picasso.

The archaeological museum is also noteworthy since it allows you to discover the cultural richness of the city, and the building in which it is located once served as a hospital. The ideal place for a walk is the Explanada de España, a promenade running along the waterfront, surrounded by a row of palm trees. Its characteristic wavy mosaic is the most recognisable symbol of the city, as well as a lively area, thanks to numerous restaurants, cafés and street vendors.


An equally charming place is the district of Santa Cruz, which gives you the opportunity to break away from the beach hustle and bustle and lose yourself in its narrow streets. For those who are hungry after the numerous attractions, there is a prize in the form of Mercado Central, a market with fish, seafood and local specialties.


The status of Costa Blanca, however, is determined by its golden sands and pristine blue water. To fully enjoy your Yacht Charter holiday, you will need to be a little away from the centre e.g. the beaches of San Juan, which may be easily reached by tram. It is also worthwhile to take a cruise to the island of Tabaraca - an obligatory place for diving enthusiasts. Would you like to enjoy such attractions every day? Check out the property offer in Alicante.




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