Invest and earn in the property market in Spain

The sooner you decide to buy property in Spain, the higher your return on investment will be. Check out very promising data from the Spanish real estate market and find out why now is the best time to buy a house in Spain!


Increase in the level of property sales

Forecasts for the Spanish market are very optimistic. An estimated 10-15% increase in property sales. This means that in 2018 up to 550,000 real estate purchase / sale transactions can be made (TINSA data).


Demand for properties for sale in Spain is increasing. Instituto Nacional de Estadistica statistics show an increase in property sales of over 14% in 2017 compared to the previous year. It is worth emphasizing that foreign investors are extremely interested in buying a home. In recent years, real estate was most often purchased by citizens of Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Sweden. Our countrymen are also appearing on this list more and more often.


Property market in Spain
British people are increasingly buying apartments in Spain


Increase in property prices

For investors looking for attractive investments with a high rate of return on invested capital, buying real estate will certainly be an interesting option. Gross return on real estate purchases in Spain is increasing.


Extremely attractive real estate purchase prices are the result of several subsequent years of declines that took place in the real estate market until 2016. TINSA data shows that the total house prices dropped by 41.8% (46.8% adjusted for inflation). The level of declines in property prices in Spain (data based on the Global Property Guide - Spain) was as follows:


real estate prices in Spain
Real estate prices in Spain


This means that the sooner you decide to buy property in Spain, the more profit you can expect in the future. The largest increase in property prices is forecast in the capital of Spain and the Canary Islands. A factor that may slow down the pace of growth are political tensions regarding the autonomy of individual Spanish regions. Therefore, a very sensible choice is real estate investment on the beautiful Costa Blanca. You can choose from large tourist resorts such as Alicante, extremely modern cities such as Benidorm (known as European Manhattan) or the picturesque coastal towns of Moraira, Guadamar del Segura and Altea.


Is it worth investing in the Spanish property market?

Promising forecasts from the Spanish real estate market strongly encourage investment. There are additional arguments in favor of buying real estate in this country:

  • tourism potential - Spain is one of the largest tourism tycoons in the entire EU. It is Spain that annually visits up to 70 million tourists, which generates very high income for the whole country. Tourism is also one of the main economic sectors in Spain and a place of employment for millions of employees. Estimates of the World Tourism Organization confirm that the very good tourism boom will continue here in the coming years.
  • a good time to buy - the Spanish economy is emerging from the crisis and real estate prices remain attractive.
  • change in tourists' expectations - in recent years the popularity of holiday apartment rentals has been growing steadily. Tourists are more and more willing to rent a furnished house or flat, thanks to which they ensure comfort and full independence. Therefore, if you decide to rent a tourist apartment, you can expect a large occupancy, especially during the holiday season.


Purchase of real estate in Spain by the British people

Our compatriots are increasingly deciding to buy real estate in Spain. The number of real estate purchase transactions in this country by the British is around 14.800 per year - that's really a lot. We are pleased that we are buying more and more often luxury apartments and real estate in very attractive locations. A large group are people who treat the purchased property as a second home. The Spanish climate is much milder and more pleasant, which is why it is an excellent alternative to the rainy winter prevailing in the UK.


British are perfectly able to calculate the profitability of such an investment. Our compatriots are increasingly buying properties that they devote to tourist rentals. In this way, they can use the apartment for several months a year, and in the holiday season they earn from renting it to tourists. This allows you to diversify your investment portfolio - we earn both on rent and we can expect a high increase in the value of real estate over time. Check the average level of income from renting an apartment in Spain.


Buying property in Spain can bring a return of 5-8% per annum. If you would like to invest your capital in such an attractive way, please contact us. We know the Spanish real estate market very well. Our Tripinvest Agency has already helped many British entrepreneurs in the purchase of houses and apartments in Spain. We are also happy to advise you.




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