A camper trip to the Costa Blanca

Spain is one of the best regions for a camper tour. The climate is definitely mild and sunny compared to other European countries, and the excellent condition of roads and infrastructure make travelling from place to place a relatively pleasant and trouble-free experience. In addition, the Costa Blanca area is full of breathtaking views, and beautiful fauna and flora. It is a paradise to which you can escape and get rid of all the stress and problems. There are far more adventures awaiting the visitors travelling by a camper than those travelling by plane.


A camper tour - Costa Blanca
A camper tour is one of the most relaxing ways of spending your holiday


Types of campsites in Spain

There are about 800 registered campsites in different regions of Spain. They are assigned status depending on the equipment available on each of them.

  • The third category of campsites will usually have the necessary facilities such as toilets and showers, but that is mostly it.
  • The second category is slightly more luxurious and often includes a café, a swimming pool and telephone services.
  • The first category of campsites will include everything, from an currency exchange office to a children's playground, hot water, electricity and evening entertainment programmes.


Costa Blanca and campers

The white coast of Spain is one of the most popular regions when it comes to camping on the Iberian Peninsula. This is where some of the best campsites in Spain are located. The sunny coastline and hundreds of kilometres of sandy beaches attract tourists from all over the world and are a paradise for "campers". For many people it is an ideal way to travel and discover the richness of Spanish culture. There is no better way to see the Costa Blanca - you can ride and explore in your own time and at a slow pace. The accommodation at campsites is also an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. The roads on the Costa Blanca, as well as throughout Spain, are in great condition. The only thing you may have to deal with, due to the size of the campers, is the diversity of the terrain and the narrow streets in the small towns. Therefore, it is also worth taking bikes with you to get to your destination.


Popular campsites on the Costa Blanca

  • Marjal Costa Blanca Camping

It is a place that will keep you entertained. Even in the non-tourist period, a team of animators is available. The campsite is great for families with children, and he sanitary facilities are very well maintained. There is also a bar, a restaurant and tables are set up during the summer. The campsite is only half an hour drive from the coast and the sandy beaches of the Costa Blanca. There is also a wellness and spa centre right next door. The cost of this campsite is 17 € per night. The nearest town is Catral.

  • Camping "Lo Monte" Pilar de Horadada

A very attractive campsite with a large area, a swimming pool for children and adults and beaches within the walking distance. There is a restaurant offering cuisine from all over the world. In addition, the nearest town, Pilar, can be reached by bike. There are several paths leading along the coast and the campsite offers all kinds of extra activities - gym, pool, bar, restaurant. There is also a health and spa centre on the campsite. The price is about 20 € per night.



  • Leave the camper, only on official, specially designed places. They are always well-guarded, although this involves additional costs. However, it is better not to risk, since thefts are unfortunately quite popular in Spain, especially among abandoned cars and campers.
  • A popular period for tourists travelling by a caravan is autumn/winter. This period in Spain is warm and the roads and parking spaces are less populated and much cheaper.
  • If you do not have your own camper, you can also rent one on the coast. The costs start from 65 € per day.




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