Why should you spend holiday in Spain?

According to the World Economic Forum (FEM), Spain has become the most visited country by tourists for the third time. In the report, which dealt with the competitiveness of travel and tourism, Spain has taken the top spot and confirmed its unwavering position in this field.

Stairs in the colours of the Spanish flag
Stairs in the colours of the Spanish flag


Contrary to what one might expect, infrastructure is one of the most important factors facilitating travelling - we do not pay much attention to it, but when it fails, we start appreciating it. Therefore, Spain boasts kilometres of motorways, airports in key tourist destinations and convenient local transport. Millions of Euros spent on these investments are now paying off more than ever - not only the locals are enjoying these facilities, but also the visitors, for whom convenience is crucial.



The natural resources of Spain are another very important aspect, both in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and on its southern coast. Spain has more than 5,000 kilometres of beaches, breathtaking views and numerous islands that are a haven for tourists. Not to mention the weather, which makes Spain a country that can be visited all year round. In these diverse conditions, everyone will find something for themselves.



Culture is another crucial element in this country. Charming monuments, impressive architecture and new, innovative projects are the treasure of Spain. All this is surrounded by events, festivals, such as: La Tomatina or the bull race in Pamplona. It is not without reason that Spain is ranked third on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The art of eating

The celebration of eating and drinking coffee or wine has been brought to perfection in Spain. The lack of haste and siesta are something new to foreign visitors. Taking a breath and enjoying the local specialties is a great way of spending ones holiday. When visiting Spain you must try tapas, jamons, paella and the wide variety of seafood and fish. Rest and have the time of your life in Spain!



The history of Spain is very rich and turbulent. The Moorish past, the golden age of the peninsula's development, the civil war, dictatorship and the return to democracy are some of the key events that have shaped modern Spain. We can also learn about the history of this country through architecture, food and culture. The remains of the Muslim or Jewish inhabitants of Spain are still visible to this day.


In addition, Spain is also known for the high quality of services, value for money, public service, security and great openness.



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