Penon de Ifach rock in Calpe


Penon de Ifach rock in Calpe

Penon de Ifach is a 332 m limestone adventure awaiting for you in Calpe. Take a look at why the limestone rock is said to be one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Spain. Check our advice for people who are looking forward to a trip and reach the mountain peak.


Natural attractions of Calpe

The limestone rock is said to be one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Spain – Penon de Ifach. Not only does its monumental appearance amaze tourists, but also makes the lives of Calpe's inhabitants more pleasant. It is a perfect complement to the seaside landscape and a unique ornament for photographers and cameramen.


Do you think that a trip, a move or a holiday in Calpe is just beautiful beaches, blue sea, hot sun or great people? Nothing could be further from the truth! When considering a trip to Spain, the first thing that comes to your mind is the sea, isn't it? You are right, but some places in this country are very surprising. You may change your mind quickly and notice that Spain is not only water but also fantastic mountains.


Penon de Ifach – the symbol of Calpe

We would like to introduce you to one of the places considered to be Spain's natural miracle - Penon de Ifach. This is a place that is definitely breathtaking for most visitors. The charismatic Penon de Ifach rock, often called the "Little Gibraltar", is located in Calpe on an area of 42 hectares, surrounded by aromatic plants, thyme, rosemary or wild sage, and is now considered the smallest nature reserve in Spain. Therefore, the 332m lonely limestone rock is undoubtedly the symbol of the city of Calpe.


Penon de Ifach is inhabited mainly by seagulls and wild cats. In addition, there are about 300 species of different animals. Therefore, if you want to live or spend your vacation in Calpe, it is necessary to visit this place.



view of the Penon de Ifach rocks from the beach in Calpe
The Penon de Ifach rock is a symbol of Calpe


Climbing Penon de Ifach

It does not take a specialist or a trained expert to reach this mountain peak, because there are various routes leading to the summit. The red route is intended for amateurs and people who do not deal with sports every day. However, the southern part of the rock is definitely recommended for mountaineers and professionals, because it is much more difficult and steep.


It is worthwhile to know that each of the routes on your way to the top will provide you with beautiful views of the coast and the sea. Moreover, in the distance there is El Clabo de San Antonio, small towns and villages. It is not difficult to reach the summit and it will not take much time - the up and down route takes about 2 hours, so remember to take all the essentials with you.


The top of the mountain is the biggest reward you can get - a beautiful photo with breathtaking views of Calpe. The combination of effort put into reaching the peak, closeness to nature and the delight in the destination provide unforgettable memories for years to come.



Penon de Ifach with breathtaking views of Calpe
Breathtaking panorama of Calpe from the Penon de Ifach peak

What is the best time to climb Penon de Ifach?

If you are already determined to climb, the best time to do so is in spring - after winter, the meadows and hills are green and full of fragrant flowers. We recommend that you start your hike early in the morning so that you can descend before noon and avoid the afternoon heat and sun.


Your essentials for the trip:

  • water
  • appropriate footwear and clothing
  • a headgear for sun protection
  • a flashlight



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