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Properties in Alicante

Alicante is the capital city of the province of Alicante. It is located on the east coast of Spain on the famous Costa Blanca. Alicante is situated at the foot of the rocky hill - Benacantil, on top of which is the beautiful Castillo de Santa Bárbara Castle. The name of the city is derived from the Arabic term "source of light", because the sun is abundant here almost all year round. Although more and more tourists come here every year, the city has retained its unique atmosphere. While walking along the narrow streets, you will be amazed by the beautiful trees with their impressive roots, as well as by the charming cafes and tapas bars, which attract with their unique fragrances. 

Map of Alicante
Panorama of Alicante

Best things to do in Alicante

The city is referred to as the colourful capital of the Costa Blanca region. It is famous for its turbulent history. But most importantly, it is the unique blend of nations and cultures that gives it its colour. Alicante is located on the east coast of Spain, on the bay of Alicante. The city is famous for its many attractions. There is the well-known Castle of St. Barbara - the symbol of Alicante. It is one of the largest medieval Spanish fortresses. In adidition, another famous element is the funny Calle de las Setas, called  "The street of colorful mushrooms". Alicante is also a very popular place with fantastic seaside beaches. Natural, sandy and wide beaches, including 3 km long Playa de San Juan or charming, urban Playa del Postiguet and excellent weather, which is guaranteed by the Mediterranean climate are the keywords that cause the excitement of investors in properties for rent.

Characteristics of the property market in Alicante

How much do properties in Alicante cost?

Do you want to buy an apartment in Alicante and wonder what is the average price of a property in this city? Alicante is a city where you will find a very wide variety of properties - from very cheap apartments to luxurious villas. The average property price for the province of Alicante is around 240,000 € and is close to the average property prices for all of Spain.


Average price for properties in Alicante

  • Average price by square metre for Alicante - 1,547 €
  • Average price for properties in Alicante - 191,791 €

Who buys properties in Alicante?

Foreign clients are an increasing number of property buyers in Alicante. As many as 12% of all sales in Spain were transactions made by foreigners. The largest group of buyers were citizens of Great Britain, Romania and Germany.


International buyers:

  • 33 % United Kingdom
  • 14 % Romania
  • 6 % Germany
  • 5 % Bulgaria
  • 5 % Netherlands
  • 5 % Italy
  • 4 % France
  • 4 % Belgium
  • 2 % Norway

Best areas for an investment

Alicante is the province capital in the Valencian Autonomous Community of Spain. This region is a very attractive area for investment due to its beautiful location and the touristic nature of the region. In the districts of Alicante, located in the city centre and by the sea, we will find the most expensive properties with an average price of 415.924 €. However, outside the tourist centre, there are cheaper properties at an average price of 105,403 €.

105,403 € Distrito 2 Colonia Requena, Virgen del Carmen, 400 Viviendas, Virgen del Remedio, Juan XXIII, Pla del Bon Repós, Nou Alacant, Altozano
135,629 € Distrito 3 Ciudad de Asís, Los Ángeles, Florida, Alipark, Rabasa, Tómbola, San Blas, San Agustín
199,751 € Distrito 1 Carolinas, Goteta, San Antón, Campoamor, Benalúa, Ravar Roig, Barrio Obrero, Serra Grossa
213,269 € Distrito 5 Bacarot, Fontcalent, Alcoraya, Montnegre, Rebolledo, Pla de la Vallonga, Cañada del Fenollar, Moralet
415,924 € Distrito 4 Orgegia, Santa Faz, La Albufereta, Playa de San Juan, La Condomina, Vistahermosa, Cabo de las Huertas

Total numer of housing property transactions in Alicante

  • 1st quarter 2018 1 769
  • 2nd quarter 2018 1 958
  • 3rd quarter 2018 1 598
  • 4th quarter 2018 1 745
  • 1st quarter 2019 1 672
  • 2nd quarter 2019 1 769

Prospects for the property market

The property market prospects for Alicante are very good. It is predicted that properties located on the Spanish coast and in tourist centres will enjoy the greatest interest. The high rate of return on investment of up to 10.5% (data from the Spanish Central Bank) should be a big incentive for foreign investors.

Garages for sale

Having your own garage is a huge benefit. If you have already invested in Spain and you are looking for a safe place to park and leave your car, be sure to get acquainted with our offer. At this moment, the available garages in Spain may be divided into two types  - closed and opened. Closed facilities have an external housing and a closed entrance gate. Closed garages are usually located near single-family houses. However, open garages do not have external walls and sometimes are multi-storey facilities. These type of garages usually have separate parking spaces assigned to a given apartment or owner. Most times they can be found in commercial buildings, office buildings or multi-family blocks. On our website you will find garages in Spain of various sizes at very affordable prices and in attractive locations.

Garage Amenities

Check our garage offers on Costa Blanca. We provide access to garages in extremely attractive locations, perfect for your own use or for rent. When buying a garage, it is worth paying attention to whether the property has been equipped with additional amenities. Various types of garages are available on the market, so it is easy to find the right offer for your investment goal.

  • Additional place for storage
  • A lift
  • Convenient location
  • Spacious
  • Single and multi-storey garages
Underground car park
Underground car park

How to buy garages in Spain?

Are you looking for a private garage that you could use during your stay in Spain? Or maybe you are planning to invest in a garage in Spain for rent? Regardless of your investment goal, we are on hand to help you allocate your savings in the best way possible. Contact us and tell us what type of property you are looking for. We will do our best to find an offer that will meet all your expectations.

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