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Map of Moraira

Properties in Moraira

Moraira is a town located in the Marina Alta region. The seaside Moraira, along with Teulada (a landlocked town) form a common administrative unit. Moraira is one of the most beautiful places  to stay on the Costa Blanca due to its architecture, breathtaking views and... the extraordinary Mediterranean beaches. This small town includes 1.6 thousand inhabitants. It is an ideal place to relax for those seeking peace, relaxation and the characteristic climate of Spain's seaside resort.

Best things to do in Moraira

Undoubtedly, the biggest attractions of Moraira are its' beautiful beaches. What else may be found in the city? Moraira is definitely a seaside resort. It offers picturesque, intimate and peaceful bays at the foot of the cliffs with perfectly clean and turquoise water - an ideal place for diving and swimming. Moraira is also known for its sandy beaches, which are located in an unspoilt nature. From Moraira you can see, in all its glory, the famous rock - the symbol of Costa Blanca - El Penon de Ifach. 


Besides, there are no crowds of screaming tourists. Moraira is visited by people who want to be enchanted by the beauty of a Spanish town, walk along narrow streets, shop in stylish boutiques, relax in the charming harbour, visit the fish market and eat local specialties in the marina.

Cliffs in Moraira

Characteristics of the property market in Moraira

How much do properties in Moraira cost?

Moraria is full of luxury properties and is considered one of the most exclusive resorts on the Costa Blanca. Due to the small number of properties available, the prices of these most attractive properties can reach a higher level than the average price of a property on the Costa Blanca. In terms of tourist rental, the best investment idea is to buy property near the city centre (Av. Madrid, Ctra. Moraira a Calpe) and along the coastline. Modern apartments located in the vicinity of the port (Puerto De Moraira) with luxury yachts are also more expensive. On the other hand, there are also bungalows and detached houses in Moraira, far from the coastline at very attractive prices. Moraira is not the cheapest place to live on the Costa Blanca, but living here is very comfortable and the international community is very friendly.


Average price for properties in Moraira:

  • Average price by square metre for Moraira - 1,710 €
  • Average price for properties in Moraira - 755,977 

Who buys properties in Moraira?

More and more property buyers in Moraira are foreign investors. The international climate of the city is very prominent in the centre of the town. In addition, the large number of foreign investors makes it possible to find a wide variety of international cuisine and entertainment dedicated to tourists from various parts of Western Europe. Additionally, the large population of non-Spanish residents makes living here very comfortable and friendly. The British, who make up a very large group of residents, are people who integrate with the local community with great openness and cordiality. 


International buyers:

  • 33 % United Kingdom
  • 14 % Romania
  • 6 % Germany
  • 5 % Bulgaria
  • 5 % Netherlands
  • 5 % Italy
  • 4 % France
  • 4 % Belgium

Best areas for an investment

If you own a yacht, properties in the vicinity of Port de Moraira are something you will be interested in. However, if you are looking for a holiday apartment or a bungalow, take a look around the coastline. The most popular beach in Moraira is the Ampolla beach and the sandy bay of El Portet.

Moraira is the perfect place for relax, thanks to its vicinity of mountain hills, vineyards, pine forests and the Mediterranean coast. It may serve as a place to lead a very luxurious life, but also a peaceful retirement. 


563,396 € Moraira Paichi
578,221 € Moraira Casco Urbano
599,235 € Moraira Pinar de Advocat-Cometa
621,593 € Moraira El Portet-Pla del Mar
719,149 € Moraira Benimeit-Tabaira
1,020,232 € Moraira Moravit-Cap Blanc

Total numer of housing property transactions in Moraira

  • 1st quarter 2018 104
  • 2nd quarter 2018 133
  • 3rd quarter 2018 138
  • 4th quarter 2018 111
  • 1st quarter 2019 85
  • 2nd quarter 2019 151

Prospects for the property market in Moraira

The great popularity of Moraira is best evidenced by the large number of tourists who visit it every year during the holiday season. During the summer holidays, the population of Moraira increases to over 30,000 inhabitants, most of whom are foreigners. Its' amazing nature and an exceptionally favourable climate combined with a well-developed urban infrastructure guarantee that Moraira will attract foreign investors and tourists in the years to come. 

It is predicted that properties located on the Spanish coast and in tourist centres will enjoy the greatest interest. The high rate of return on investment of up to 10.5% (data from the Spanish Central Bank) should be a big incentive for foreign investors.

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