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Properties in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is located on the famous Spanish Costa Blanca. Today it is one of the most popular holiday destinations. Holidays are spent here by tourists from all over the world, who book well in advance knowing that there may be a shortage of accommodation in the season. The city has about 45 thousand. inhabitants. The largest group of foreigners here are the British, followed by Germans, Swedes, Russians, Colombians and Norwegians. That's why Torrevieja is often called "The Little Britain".

Map od Torrevieja
Panorama of Torrevieja

Best things to do in Torrevieja

The beaches of Torrevieja are a story to tell. They are beautiful, wide and sandy. It is also worth visiting the charming, rocky and very peaceful bays. The most beautiful of them is surrounded by palm trees. It is almost the Caribbean Cala Ferris.


However, when the beach is not enough, it is worth to go to Torre del Moro. It is a defensive fortress from the 14th century, which protected people against the attacks of Berber corsairs, who came from the Mediterranean. The defense tower is located on the Cabo Cervera. It is one of the highest points in the city. In addition, there is also a popular promenade, where one can admire the life-size statues of musicians of Torrevieja. One of the most interesting attractions is also the National Park with two lakes La Laguna de la Mata and the pink La Laguna de Torrevieja. Undoubtedly, the characteristic landmark of the city are the pink flamingos and pink color of the lake, which results from the high level of salinity.

Characteristics of the property market in Torrevieja

How much do properties in Torrevieja cost?

Torrevieja is a city where you will find a large selection of properties for less than 100,000 euros. As statistics show, the vast majority of buyers are interested in properties for less than 100,000 euros. The data on the price of a property per square metre differs quite a lot, depending on the source of the data. Official data indicate that the price per square meter is 1,170 euros, however other property services indicate a price of 1,585 euros. Nevertheless, our experience shows that this price can be a lot lower. 

Average price for properties in Torrevieja:

  • Average price by square metre for Torrevieja - 1,170 €
  • Average price for properties in Torrevieja - 167,598 €... but there is a large number of cheap properties available for less than 100,0000 €

Who buys properties in Torrevieja?

Torrevieja properties are very popular with foreigners looking for an international and cosmopolitan city with excellent weather conditions. The city has a population of about 85,000 people, including foreigners. It is particularly popular with the people of Great Britain, which is why it is often called ''The Little Britain''. Spaniards make up less than 60% of the population. The second largest group of Torrevieja's inhabitants are the British. Then there are the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Moroccans, etc.


International buyers:

  • 33 % United Kingdom
  • 14 % Romania
  • 6 % Germany
  • 5 % Bulgaria
  • 5 % Netherlands
  • 5 % Italy
  • 4 % France
  • 4 % Belgium

Best areas for an investment

Torrevieja is a beautifully situated city along the coast. In the city centre, there are mainly apartment blocks and commercial premises. The farther away from the coastline, the more housing estates there are. Torrevieja offers a huge number of properties for sale, including many bungalows and apartments on the sea or overlooking the sea. Therefore, the most attractive are the properties located in the vicinity of La Mata Beach, Playa del Cura, Punta Prima Beach or Play De Los Locos.

123,568 € Torrevieja Centro Parque de las Naciones, El Molino, Puerto Deportivo, Centro - Muelle Pesquero
127,236 € Playa del Cura Antonio Machado, Avenida Habaneras - Curva de Palangre, Playa del Cura, Las Piscinas Naturales
198,653 € Nueva Torrevieja - Aguas Nuevas Nueva Torrevieja, Torreblanca, Parque Acuático - Sector 25, Aguas Nuevas
155,237 € Playa de los Locos Devesses - Monte Pego, Zona los Frutales, Miramar - Torre del Moro
182,425 € La Siesta - El Salado - Torreta El Salado, La Zarza, La Siesta, Torreta, El Chaparral
192,576 € El Acequión - Los Naúfragose El Acequión, Playa de los Naúfragose, Punta Prima, La Veleta
197,670 € La Mata Gaspar Perrelló, Los Europeos, Cabo Cervera, Cañada del Molino, Los Balcones - Los Altos del Edén

Total numer of housing property transactions in Torrevieja

  • 1st quarter 2018 1 321
  • 2nd quarter 2018 1 424
  • 3rd quarter 2018 1 114
  • 4th quarter 2018 1 402
  • 1st quarter 2019 1 217
  • 2nd quarter 2019 1 506

Prospects for the property market in Torrevieja

The huge number of properties available in Torrevieja makes the property market very dynamic. What is important, however, is that the prospects are constantly growing. For several years now, the situation has been favourable for property buyers and sellers. An unquestionable advantage of the property market in Torrevieja is the high availability of cheap properties. The prices of luxury properties in Torrevieja, including those located on the seashore, are comparable to the prices of small properties in the suburbs of non-touristic British cities. Therefore, for many years this market will certainly be very stable and will enable easy purchase or sale of flats to British residents

It is predicted that properties located on the Spanish coast and in tourist centres will enjoy the greatest interest. The high rate of return on investment of up to 10.5% (data from the Spanish Central Bank) should be a big incentive for foreign investors.

Flats for sale

What convinces people to invest in a flat in Spain, is primarily a very affordable price. Purchasing a flat is a perfect choice for people who do not need a large space, and also for investors who are looking for a property for tourist rentals. The flats available on the Spanish property market usually consist of a few rooms – living rooms, a wardrobe, a kitchen or a kitchenette and a bathroom. In addition, the flat often includes a balcony overlooking the beautiful area.


Thanks to a wide variety of offers in Spain, the investors may choose from many attractive flats from the secondary or primary market. There are both, fully furnished flats and apartments in a core and shell state available. By using our website, you can find affordable flats in your dream location - we publish property advertisements in central parts of cities and on their outskirts.

Flat Amenities

The Spanish property market is full of bargain flat offers. The investors may find properties with a number of amenities there. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  • A car park
  • A balcony
  • Air conditioning
  • Sea view
  • A lift
  • A garage
Spacious flat for sale - Spain
Cosy flat for sale - interior

How much do flats in Spain cost?

In financial terms, buying a flat in Spain may be a very profitable decision. Of course, you must be aware that the prices of flats on the Spanish property market will vary depending on their location and size. An attractive location, a large area and many amenities increase the price of the property.


Average value of property transactions of the free housing market in Spain

  • 1st quarter 2018 145 297 €
  • 2nd quarter 2018 149 582,4 €
  • 3rd quarter 2018 152 095,1 €
  • 4th quarter 2018 153 179,7 €
  • 1st quarter 2019 152 023,4 €
  • 2nd quarter 2019 154 487,8 €

Who buys flats in Spain?

In the recent years, the Spanish property market has made a name for itself in the eyes of foreign investors. Many foreigners decide to buy a property in the hot south, however their motivations are different. Some people invest with their future in mind – they are looking for a permanent place to live with a family. On the other hand, others are looking for an attractive holiday home or wish to earn money from tourist rentals. Considering the current flat prices in Spain, this purchase will be a great idea regardless of your investment goal.


Average value of property transactions of foreigners on the open-market housing in 2nd quarter 2019 in Spain

  • New housing – 257 460,2
  • Second hand housing – 157 209,7
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